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Luckington farm

100% Grass-fed Beef

 Organically Mob Grazed 

Locally Bred & Raised

At Luckington Farm, our mission is to produce natural food whilst improving the environment.

Our native breed cattle are born locally and reared on a completely natural pasture diet. We move the herd every day, allowing a diversity of plants and grasses to grow organically. This helps regenerate the soil and takes carbon from the atmosphere.

The essential elements are ensuring the cattle are 100% natural pasture fed and mob grazed. That the land is organically maintained: so no pesticides, insecticides and a huge reduction in wormers and penicillin for the animals. The grasses are allowed to grow to maturity which is good for the animals and super important for sequestering carbon into the earth. And all of this means that the quality of the soil is regenerated.

Look out for the Luckington Farm logo on our menus! 

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